As usual, 2016 has snuck up on me and I wonder what happened to the last few months? As long as I can remember my mother often verbalized the expression “tempus fugit” & I couldn’t agree more! (Latin for “time flies”)

As I reflect I am reminded of all the marvels, surprises and enjoyments from this past year, all the while curious about what’s ahead. Chuck and I are so appreciative to work beside such loyal, thoughtful & amazing gals and know that the shop would not be the same without them. Genna, Katie & Jill have enriched our lives and we are thankful to consider them family.

We are all are grateful for you, our loyal customers who visit and shop with us. Your friendship is ever so valuable and we are blessed with the chance to know & assist you. Thank you for supporting Willows Bend!

Can’t wait to share all the new findings from Atlanta Market, events and informative design direction for 2016. See you soon!

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