Iconic table linens! Now that’s how I would describe Le Jacquard.
One of kind, state of the art, hand crafted beauty for your home & table available here. We are fortunate to represent such a nice brand.
My history with Le Jacquard began with my very first purchase back in 1990. Chuck and I had just moved into a new home and I was busy planning our first dinner party. Our dining room was void of furniture so entertaining in the kitchen was my only option. I needed a perfectly sized table cloth, one to fit a 90” round table & one that worked well with my tableware.
As I scouted out shops near our new home I came across a darling store located in a century home. I think that is was named “3 SISTERS”. It was filled with delights for the home and I was easily smitten with everything on their shelfs. The shop proprietor took me under her wing and explained the glories of purchasing just the right cloth. She guided me in the selection of size, color, style & care, all the while ensuring that I selected just the right one!
My selection, a 120” round, creamy white Egyptian cotton cloth with a divine jacquard embellished with an etamine stitch served me well for years. I finally retired it a few years back.
These cloths were first hand crafted back in 1888 and have been recognized as an exceptional brand since. Weavers, warp beamers, knotters and other specialists work in harmony to perfect an array of new weaves and colors year after year.

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