Preparing for the New York Market is always a little hairy, checking stock levels, comparing sales from season to season, researching new lines and artists, making reservations and appointments and finally packing and getting on the plane.  Chuck and I always travel together and treat these 5 days as if we live in the New York area again, visiting favorite neighborhoods, shops and restaurants after work is finished. We always make a trek to Saks Fifth Avenue, known as the Mother Ship, aptly named since I worked there for 10 years.

To my surprise and amazement, while walking by Saks last summer I spied the one, the only Bill Cunningham on his bike taking pictures of the windows!  I quickly motioned for Chuck to take my picture and as you can see he is in the back ground.  This legendary Times Fashion Photographer spots and distills the latest trends from the runways of Paris to the colorful streets of New York.  While working in the Designer Apparel field I had the chance to meet and admire his work long ago.

This year, while I was waiting for the Saks store to open who came around the corner on his bike? Yep, Bill Cunningham.  This time I had the chance to say hello.  What a thrill.

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